We are a professional marketing and sales agency for the commercial and process piping market. We have successfully served the plumbing industry since 1957. W&R is a family run business that serves Northern California and Nevada (excluding Clark County).
     The following outlines our approach to the market influences that determine the purchases and use of the products we represent.

Wholesalers : 
   We sell and support select plumbing and industrial wholesalers who either stock inventory on our principal product lines and/or support our sales efforts.  
    While we work to maintain a strong line of communication with the wholesaler, more of our efforts are at the engineer and contractor level.  This is to better influence the preference and order of our products.

  (plumbing, process, maintenance, and mechanical) 
     While we don’t sell product directly to contractors we work very closely with this group. We feel it is most important to enjoy a close and respectful relationship with them in order to help insure a successful close of the order. We belong to, attend, and support the contractor associations.      

     Over the years we have developed 
wonderful relationships with some of the 
leading Manufacturers of various
plumbing products and supports in the 
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(design, corporate, government and maintenance) 
    We actively work towards maintaining a strong presence with the specification and discipline.  We feel that the specification and its enforcement is a key factor in assuring the acceptance and sale of our principal’s products.  We belong to, attend, and support the chapters of ASPE and IAMPO.